Hearing loss: My tech life

Amelia Lewis, 25, is health and wellbeing advisor for DeafPLUS and a research assistant for the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. She tells us the top three tech developments which are most important to her.

1. Cochlear Implant

I had a hearing aid from 18 months. I was born with Pendred's Syndrome. My hearing deteriorated as time went on, so I had my cochlear implant fitted when I was 15, which is absolutely essential to my life.

2. Compilot

My number one piece of tech apart from my implant is a compilot. I wear it wireless around my neck. There's a little microphone on it and in staff meetings I just put it in the middle of the table and it then transmits directly into my ear implant. I can also use it for listening to music on my ipod. There's an additional lead you can plug in and then plug into an mp3 player. It's really good at cutting out background noise.

3. Subtitles

There's so much tech that helps me make the most out of life. Even the basics like subtitles on TV and films make such a difference. It's great being able to access everything said on TV. I love documentaries and never get bored of Friends either.

To hear more from Amelia, check out our video below. 

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